Daily Share- He considers.

“The LORD looks [down] from heaven; He sees all the sons of man; From His dwelling place He looks closely Upon all the inhabitants of the earth— He who fashions the hearts of them all, Who considers and understands all that they do.” ‭‭PSALMS‬ ‭33:13-15‬ ‭AMP‬‬

We live in a world with so many forms of communication it’s overwhelming, yet we have such a lack of true connection. We’ve lost the ability to truly connect with others on so many levels. We would rather send a smiley emoji than actually smile at someone in passing. I’m not just talking about others, I am talking about my self. It’s so easy to have the illusion that you’re having a personal connection, but still have an overwhelming feeling of disconnect. I think so many times we put God at that same distance we do each other, and then question his presence because of it. It’s so easy to feel like your prayers are just stuck in space, and wonder if they’re even heard. Could it be because we are failing to actually connect with God, and instead just reciting a list of requests like we’re leaving a voicemail, not actually expecting to speak with a real person, or even get a response back? I think so. At least for my self sometimes anyways.

I can tell a huge difference in reciting a prayer, and actually talking to God personally. I feel a true connection. I know I am being heard, and take time to listen to a response. I leave those encounters feeling complete, loved and changed for the better in some way. It’s all because the Lord desires a real connection with us. These verses are a perfect reminder of that.

These verses talk about the thing I appreciate most about the Lord. He fashioned my heart, and desires to stay connected to it. He doesn’t want the surface me. He doesn’t swipe through his news feed and see one single moment of my life and judge me based on that. He doesn’t look down and see me on my worst day and decide to cut me off and that He doesn’t love me any more. He considers the heart that He fashioned in me. He knows the ins and outs of me. He knows my weakest, and my strongest attributes. He knows what breaks my heart, and what makes it overflow. He considers all of that when looking at me. He understands why I do what I do. He knows the motives and intent of my heart. He knows all the walls that have been built because of past hurts. And He breaks down every single one when I connect with Him.

Isn’t it amazing to think how deeply God understands us? I mean communication with God is like no other. You don’t have to worry about being misunderstood, or misinterpreted. You don’t have to worry about having your business repeated to someone else. You don’t have to worry that you’ll leave the conversation feeling empty. You never have to worry about giving more than you get, or giving in vain. You don’t have to worry about not being heard, or God being distracted and missing something that was really important to you. You don’t have to worry that He will walk away with a lesser opinion of you because of what you told Him. You don’t have to worry that He will take something you said they wrong way, and respond negatively. He already knows everything anyway. Nothing phases Him, or surprises Him. And even though He already knows what’s going on in our heart, He still wants to connect with us about it, and let us know His thoughts about it all. He wants to reassure us, correct us if needed, redirect us, or encourage us forward. He wants us to feel His presence with us all the time. But it’s only through true connection that we can achieve that.

Are you longing for connection today? Have you felt isolated and unheard? Do you feel the void that communication without connection leaves? Have you been asking “where is God in my life?” If any of these apply to you, I encourage you to get in a quiet place even if you have to lock your self in the car for a few minutes. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into a time of personal connection with God. Pour out your heart to Him. Call on Jesus. Let Him speak to you. Let Him love on you. Let Him break down the barriers, and heal the deep wounds of your heart. He looks down on you, with consideration and understanding. He wants to tell you the right way to go. He wants to help you get on the best path for your life. He wants to see you succeed and prosper. He wants to tell you the wonderful plans He has for you. He wants to love you in a way no one else can. He wants to connect with you. Let him today. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Thanks for joining me!

2 thoughts on “Daily Share- He considers.

  1. My this is the absolute truth and I am guilty also. Heads bent over a phone or on the internet/computer. Young people do not even know how to communicate as they have always had social media. No love of the written word, the things of the world are everything and no empathy for each other. If someone is hurt or being hurt it gets videotaped rather than offering aid. But Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, and before he formed us in the womb he already knew us.


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