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“A time and place.”

Learn how to navigate this season of life, and be encouraged where you are!

“How are you received?”

Learn how to deliver Jesus to the world in an effective way, and be confident in it.

“Don’t take the easy way out!”

Don’t let pride stand in your way of making things right in your life.

“Shake the dust off!”

A lesson on not taking things personally, and learning to shake it off and move on!

“Take a break!”

A lesson Jesus gives us on the importance of rest!

“Another in the fire.”

No matter how hot the fire you’re in may be, He won’t let you burn up!

“You can be blessed anywhere!”

Learn to be blessed where ever you are! There are no limits with God!

It’s All Good!

Learn to love everything Jesus does in your life with this truth found in Mark Chapter 7!

Don’t worry about the journey, God will see you through!

Don’t quit! God is prepping you for more!

Where is God? Let’s find out!

He already knows!

He doesn’t play fair!

It’s not just for you!

Not everyone is going to like it!

He’s not like us!

Just give Him a minute!

Don’t be a Pharaoh!

Do what you need to to be encouraged!

Don’t be surprised, but be encouraged!

Learn how to be victorious in the battle!

Don’t try to get out of it!

Let the light shine!

He restores my soul. Such a special word from the Lord.

Whatever it takes, it’ll be worth it!

Do you want to be blessed?

I don’t know it all, and i’m glad!

Imitate Christ!

Just see how much you can be blessed!

It’s time to lay them down, and move forward in Christ!

Carefully consider.

Start understanding the will of the Lord.

Don’t be afraid!

Are you in despair?

Jesus doesn’t care what other people think!

Just watch and see what happens!

Going through the fire? Find Gods goodness there!
How can you know what God has for you? 
No matter what, keep going!
God has the final say!
If you need Jesus to show up today, this is for you!