Just Listen

One struggle for me in my daily walk is mornings. I am not a morning person in any sense. I am trying to do better, but it’s definitely hard work for me. The more time I spend in his presence and in prayer in the mornings, the better my day will go. But one of my other short comings that is much more of a handicap for me spiritually is watching and waiting for the Lord to speak to my heart in response to my prayers. So many times I am guilty of petitioning the Lord, and then just expecting him to do all of it, and going on about my business. It has always been a prayer of mine to be “a man (or woman) after Gods own heart” like David. As I have studied his life, his greatest accomplishments and most horrendous failures, there is one constant. David is a pro at carrying on a conversation with the Lord. This verse is proof of that, along with countless others throughout his writings. I am reminded today that in the chaos that is my life, through the ups and downs, I must take time to have that same constant. I must never let myself get too busy or too distant to carry on a true conversation with the Lord day and night. Not to just hurry out a quick prayer, or sit and pour out my heart and then run on to the next. But to really listen. To wait if I have to, in order to hear the Lords response. It’s a hard habit to pick up, but an easy one to break with the fast paced world we live in. So as I am listening for the Lord to speak to my heart tonight, I hear his voice loud and clear. He is telling me that seeking him early, and waiting on his response will be the key to breaking the strongholds of unnecessary anxiety in my life. And boy do I have a lot of it. I don’t necessarily like to share my faults and shortcomings. I would much rather tell you I’ve got it all together. But I only have one life to live, and in this life it is my desire to help someone else along the way. Maybe this hits home with you. Maybe you’ve been bound by the strongholds of anxiety like me. Maybe you know how debilitating it can be. If so, I know this word is for you too. Hang in there friends! The Lord has great things for you. He cares about you, your heart, your mind, your entire being. He is a good good father, let’s let him help us this year like never before. ❤️

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